An operable farm will be intrinsic to the very concept of this “agrihood.”

Complete with a milking parlor, shelters for animals and their births, designated educational areas for children, a berry patch, and gardens, the farm component provides value that is based in respect for animals and care for the land. Raising farm creatures will be ethically integrated into the system, where schools/families can introduce children to methodical, responsible approaches to treating animals throughout their lifespan. The luxury of seeing the food sourced will give residents self-assurance that they are consuming quality/fresh nourishment, supporting local production, and educating generations. Structures to store feed and receive farm deliveries will be carefully curated. ATVs, maintenance elements, tractors, and bulk materials (such as mulch) will also be accommodated for. Harvesting food produces life for a farmers market, farm-to-table concept, festivals, field trips, and more.

What is an Agrihood?

The New York Times dubbed agrihoods “Farm-to-Table Living” A community that is usually planned around a farm and offers access to unblemished landscapes, locally grown food, and homes built to environmentally friendly standards.

Life in an agrihood includes CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) options for residents, garden education opportunities for adults and children, a community garden plot, edible landscaping, consulting, and access to several acres of fresh fruit like blueberries and Asian pears. Life in an agrihood is not just about eating good food -- it’s about participating in the life of a sustainable, working farm and reaping the benefits of this more connected way of life.

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