A sense of clarity, simplicity, architecture that is designed with a consensus of style, and practicality.

These are what The Etowah will seek to emulate. It will draw like-minded people who respect the land, eager to participate in creating a sense of place. Local partnerships will permeate the town, bringing together the best of Georgia’s industries, while also attracting visitors and business. The Etowah’s story will boast an inheritable conservationist model for the planet, attracting people who aspire to be authentic. Practicing good stewardship of the land will illustrate lighter footprint living to the world as an alternate prototype where a lively civic realm can co-exist with the natural world, reciprocally benefitting each other. A community with wide walking trails and mountain biking will create the perfect outdoor entusiast playground. This may help to be a catalyst for positive transformation nationwide.

Welcome to Ball Ground

Ball Ground is a growing community of nearly 2,000 residents located in Cherokee County, Georgia — just north of metro Atlanta. Cherokee County has been listed as one of the fastest growing counties in the country, and Ball Ground contributes to that statistic with a steady influx of new businesses, jobs and residents.

The town is located near fields that the Cherokee people used to play stick ball, a rough game similar to modern lacrosse.[7] The large fields and abundance of freshwater streams made Ball Ground an alluring place for the large gatherings of Native Americans because the ball game required large, flat fields, and there were plenty of natural resources to support large groups of people.

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