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White and Red Oaks, Beeches, Ironwood, Locusts, Maples, and Sourwoods

The site itself straddles magnificent hills and dales, the upper elevations mostly vegetated by second growth forest, but the lower ravines are rich with old growth. The hamlet development sites are mostly flat, on high ground, and contain the least desirable trees. Cleared, they will create desirable walkable communities side by side with old growth forests. The hamlets will offer views through the forest and down into the ravines and to the Etowah River itself, which is broad, clear, and fast moving. Enjoy breathtaking views of the mountainous ridgeline and come see our desired forest lots with luscious greenery and wildlife.

The Village Center

With 15 acres dedicated to a vibrant public square and community-focused retail, the village center is the heart of the community. Imagine yourself grabbing local produce ,sitting down with friends and shopping without leaving your backyard.

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